Facebook Open URL Redirect

Facebook Open URL Redirect

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Sharing Bug of Facebook :

POC OR Reproducing step :
My Report

Vulnerability Type
Open Redirector

Vulnerability Scope
Mobile Site or App

URL redirection on sticker store

Product / URL

Description and Impact
its a URL redirect on sticker store after click on done as shown in snap shot

Reproduction Instructions / Proof of Concept
reproducing step is little tricky
i have a bypass

without bypass:
the blow link will redirect after done but it will pass out from a.php?u= paramerter but


with bypass:


but if we encode the // and . in url encoding
it will no more pass out with a.php?u=
its will directly redirect to the domain where attacker wants
Victim after visiting sticker store victim cant imagine just because of he was just selected some stickers and after done he directly redirected

Tayyab Qadir

that was my report submitted to facebook but rejected
and i got that reply
Feed me back on FB
Thanks & regards
Tayyab Qadir

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