Subdomain takeover in

Subdomain takeover in

Hi  Friends

so This time i found Subdomain takeover in

the  Vulnerable domain is , that is an alias for
i also check the DNS Entries
it says: “No help desk at

There is no help desk configured at this address. This means that the address is available and that you can claim it at

And once attacker claimed it, if you try to navigate with your browser to  (Since this is an Alias (so is pointing out to a specific domain) for  you will redirect to  , which is attacker takeover  domain

So Thats how i got This Thats all
Hope Your like that 🙂
Tayyab Qadir 

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  1. Tayyab Qadir says:

    Unfortunately Again Got Duplicate 😀

  2. mukesh says:

    sir can u sent a poc in video

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